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Would you like to add the Kinbaku workshop of YUKIMURA style(YUKIMURA-ryu) Japanese traditional style by Murasaki Haruan ?


Are you interested in learning Kinbaku for real BDSM playing, not only just beautiful? Would you like to have good communication by Kinbaku with your slave or domina, master? If so, we have excellent Kinbaku workshop class by Murasaki Haruan.
Haruan is a professional mistress working in Tokyo for 16 years. she was leraning kinbaku from Haruki Yukimura for 10years and she is 10th licensed instructor in Yukimura-ryu and both the first woman and the first Japanese to be certified by Yukimura Haruki in his unique style of Japanese bondage. He bestowed upon her the Yukimura-ryu name of Haruan (春晏).
You can learn mixed style kinbaku, traditional YUKIMURA-ryu and Haruan style for actual BDSM playing. We have translator from Japanese to English.


6/16(sat) 15:30-18:30
@shinjuku (we will tell you the detailed location for only participators after reservation)
Fee: 15,000yen (couple or alone, if you are alone, our models can help), please pay at the door on the day.


you need reservation in advance, please send email to☆
subject: Haruan workshop
message body: your name, contact(email of phone number) and number of participator.


Haruan Murasaki’s website


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