don’t miss Iori’s Birthday Bash

hi there♡it’s Angie.
i bring you lovely announcement today!!
The one of our gradisca, Iori’s birthday bash is coming this weekend 17th Friday!yay!
as you may know she is a popular gradisca, on the other hand, quite active as a pit babe and photo model.impish yet sexy, her attractive smile always make you happy☻

please come and celebrate, we’ll be partying from 8PM to 4AM as normal business hours.and again,it’s on this friday!

By the way I’m working on every monday and thursday midnight and allday in tuesday.
please feel to ask me questions if you planning to come Amarcord from overseas!
hope to see you soon and have a lovely and healthy day as always.xoxo

oh yes one more thing, our  spring campaign is still running!!check details on my last blog.


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