Spring Campaign

Hello everyone♡
here it’s april, so finally i was able to walk and see cherry blossoms today.
they are blooming beautifully and the view was quite amazing even i used to seeing it.
as we know,they are gone very soon so i’m just glad to see in time.
did you go to see? or if you are living abroad and haven’t seen yet, you should definitely make it someday.


awww so lovely isn’t it?

well then,here is an announcement from Amarcord.
we just getting started a special spring campaign for a limited time ONLY!!
all gradisca and staff is waiting for you to make it.so hurry up before it’s end!

▼1drink free service if you come on 8-10PM.
(i guess this is more to say happy-hour !!am i right?)

▼half price of extend fee if you extend after 0-4AM.
(expect fridays,saturdays
and the nights before holidays.
also we’ll charge you ordinary price for first charge.please note.)

this might be a great opportunity to people for the first time.of cause everyone of you who always support us:)
let’s have a drink, if i could have a great chat with you, it would be great♡
we all are looking forward to see you soon.
in the meantime, have a lovely day as always☻

huge love from Angie

i’m going to tweet in English for ya♡
follow me! ➫@AngiePiyo

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